Listen to some of our recent recordings.

Old Mawi

An old whaling song, celebrating the men and tuff times they endured

Seige of Ennis Set

We love this set of Polka’s, you just can’t stop tapping your foot with these tunes!

Si Beg Si Mor

Lovely Irish Tunes really show off our two fiddlers Tim and Steve and their harmony playing. Just beautiful.

Ryebuck Shearer

You can’t turn up to a Bush Band show and miss this song, in everyone’s top three shearing songs!

Diamantina Drover

A modern take on the days of a drover, a slow ballad to reflect on life outback.

Poor Ned

Thanks to Redgum for this song of Ned Kelly. Recently played this in Glenrowan Vic, and felt his spirit living on.