Band Bio

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A little about the history of the band

The Sydney Coves were formed by Steve Lockwood, in April of 1985, the first performance that the band played was at a Jazz Club in Chatswood, strange start for a band playing mostly Australian traditional songs.

The first lineup was made up of members of the Bush Music Club Concert Party. We had all been playing for about a year in the Concert Party doing charity concerts and decided that we had enough material to launch ourselves onto the unsuspecting public.

Each of the founding members had prior experience with other bands and music styles. Steve had been playing banjo for about 3 years with Southern Cross Bush Band whilst perfecting his fiddle technique, and decided it was time to give it a go as the Sydney Coves fiddler.

As with most bands The Sydney Coves have had changes in members since formation in 1985. The repertoire of the band has also evolved over this time, as much a consequence of new band members, as of the changing taste of our audiences.

With the coming of Bernard (on acoustic guitar) and Kim Short (on drums) in 1987 the band had a very creative period of song writing. Our contribution to the Bicentennial Celebration was a song called “Southern Skies” which you can find in our RealPlayer section, together with “Murphies Pub”. We have fond memories of Bernard’s role in the band.

In 1988 we had a very busy year performing at more than 50 venues promoting Australia’s 200 year anniversary. We played at many high profile events including The Domain to approximately 10,000 people, all the 5 star hotels in Sydney that have large function rooms, the Opera House and the Rocks.

We started recording in 1995 firstly a demo CD, and then in 2001 set up our own 24 Track Digital Studio in Chatswood.

The new sound incorporates the electric guitar of Tim, and the driving fiddle of Trish.


Members of the band

Current members

Steve Lockwood (vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle)
Vanessa Lockwood ( fiddle, flute, backing vocals)
Pete Tesoriero (double bass, electric bass, vocals)
Alex Mateer (electric and acoustic guitars, vocals)

Past Member Listing

These happy souls have all enjoyed entertaining with the Sydney Coves and many return from time to time to relive past glories!!

Susan Jackson – piano 1985-7
Dave Anderson – tin whistle 1985-7
Mary Louise Anderson – concertina 1985-7
Polly Clapp – accordian 1985
Bob Brain – tea chest bass 1985-7
Bernard McHardy – guitar 1987-8
Jenny – piano 1987-8
Len Cain – bass 1987-98
Kim Short – drums and guitar 1987-99
Craig Collas – fiddle 1988-93
Patrick Harte – guitar, banjo 1990-93
Rod MacDonald – melodeon and concertina 1993-1997
Maria Dunn – fiddle 1998-9
Graeme Marett – bass and cello 1998-9
Lindsay Mulligan – bass and vocals 1999-2003; rejoined 2006
Bruce Mahony – electric guitar 1999-2003
Bob Foggin – fiddle, mandolin and vocals 1999-2003
Darren Legg – bass and vocals 2003-2004
Paul Stormon – electric guitar and vocals 2003-2005
Trish Barker – violin 2004-2008