Australian Ladies

Author (Devisor): William Fergusson, published in “Glasgow Assembly II” by Bob Campbell in 1976 but written much earlier (1967?).
Longways set of 4 couples
8 x 32 bar “own tune” in 2/4 (abc or midi file here) or Scottish reel.

4    1st couple cross giving right hand, cast down (on opposite side) into 3rd place — (meanwhile) 2nd and 3rd couples step up
4    1s right hands across (star) with 3s
4    1s lead back to top (up the middle of set), cross and cast 1 place on own side — (meanwhile) 3rd couple step down
4    1s left-hands across (star) with 2s — 1s finish in 2nd place on own side
16   Clover leaf — 1s cross right hand & cast to their right 4 times, (meanwhile) 2s & 3s set (2 bars) & cross (2 bars) in a square pattern, giving right hands each time
32  1st couple repeat all above from second place, then drop to bottom of set.

New top couple repeats dance from 1st then 2nd places.

Notes: This is a Scottish Country Dance in style and was written by a Canadian in honour of four Australian Scottish Country Dancers from Newcastle NSW (Jean Conway, Elma See, Lorraine Dyall and Margaret Gray), who were visiting Canada at that time. It has become quite popular in some bush dance circles.

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