Birdie/Chicken Dance

Group Shape:  In a circle, everyone facing in.

Actions: standing, arm movements, skipping



Verbal Cue

Part One

Both Hands in front with fingers and thumbs motioning like a bird’s beak, 4 times

4 Quacks

Arms bent with thumbs at armpit and elbows flapping like a bird’s wing, 4 times

4 Flaps

Arms at side, elbows bent and wiggle hips like a duck waddling off after being in water, 4 times

4 Waddles

Clap four times, cuz you did so good!

4 Claps, repeat

Repeat section 3 more times

Part Two

All join hands and skip, or polka to the left, 4 measures or 16 skips

Circle Left (point left)

Repeat to the right, 16 skips

Circle Right (point right)

Song goes back to Part One

From the beginning


1. Spin in place each direction during Part Two, one finger on top of head (for comic relief).


2. With a partner, hook elbows and skip in a circle each direction


Advanced Part Two:1st time – Partner elbow swing, each direction

2nd time – 4 people (or whole circle if its a small group) point right hand upward  and inward so fingers are touching each other, travel in each direction

3rd time – All join hands and circle, left then right

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