Formation: Large single circle

Bars   Description
4 Advance & retire — (4 steps each way).
4 Advance & retire.
2 Right hand turn — (Turn partner by the right hand).
2 Left hand turn — (Turn corner by the left hand).
4 Advance & retire.
4 Do-si-do right — (Do-si-do with partner).
4 Do-si-do left — (Do-si-do left shoulders with partner).
2 Step & Honour — (Face partner, each person steps to their right and bows or curtsies to partner).
2 Walk on — (Each person walks 4 small steps to meet their new partner).
4 Swing — ( Swing new partner using a longarm hold and finish ready to start again).
32 Bars 6/8 or Polka or Reel + 4 Bars Introduction.

Variations: 1. In the second 8 bars take 4 bars each for the turns and have no advance & retire.
2. Instead of the third advance & retire, repeat the RH & LH turns.
Tunes: Any of 6/8, Polka or Reel
Source: Six New Dances, published by Bush Music Club 1979.
Notes : This dance was written by Amnon & Sheryn Doernberg for the Bush Music Club’s Silver Jubilee in 1979.
It has been commonly danced in Canberra during the 1980s with the variation 1. given above, not the original instructions.


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