Circassian Circle


Circassian Circle

Progressive Sicilian, couples facing each other around the-line-of-dance. Men on left, ladies on right.
A1 Right and Left Through 

Right and Left Back

The couples change places with 8 steps. Pass the opposite couple by the right shoulder, ladies advance and move in front and to the left of their partners. The men allow the the ladies to get ahead and move to the right. When on the opposite side of the set, all turn around clockwise to face inwards.
Repeat back to original places.
A2 Set to PartnerSwing  Partner Slight jump onto right foot, bring left foot up to right and transfer weight to left toes then fall back on to right foot. Repeat to the left.
Short swing with partner.
B1 Ladies ChainChain Back Ladies change places taking right hands as they pass, then taking the opposite man’s left hand, he puts his right hand on her waist and turns her around him anti-clockwise.
Ladies chain back.
B2 Promenade Right and Left  Couples in a promenade hold pass the other couple to the right and then back to their left to face a new couple.
32 bar Jigs or Reels AABB .If doing both parts use jigs for part 1 and reels for part 2. This is the first part of the Circassian Circle, when everyone has done a circuit they can form one  big circle and then do the Big Circle Dance.

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