Fairy Reel


Fairy Reel

2 lines of trios. A man between 2 ladies, facing another man between 2 ladies.
A1 Advance & Retire
Advance & Retire
Trios join hands in lines of 3 and advance. Retire in lines.
Repeat. Join hands in a circle on last retire.
A2 Circle Right
Circle Left
Side step right.
Circle back to left. Reform lines of 3
B1 Advance and Retire
Advance and Retire
Repeat as before.
B2 Circle Left
Circle Right
Circle Left first this time
Circle Right
A1 Side Step with Right Men turns to the lady on their right, they take right hands and side step across the set.
Centre dancers are passing back to back.
Meanwhile the solo ladies set on the spot.
A2 Side Step with Left Men turn to the other lady on their left, they take right hands and side step across the set.
Solo ladies setting on the spot.
B1 Men Turn Men link right arms and turn.
Men link left arms and turn. Return to line to face lady on their right.
B2 Turn the Ladies Taking right hands they do half a turn. Drop hands, man now takes left hand ladies left hand and turns half a turn.
Drops hands again and does another right hand turn with the right hand lady.
A1 Squares & Diamonds All 4 ladies sidestep a square. Right hand partners move to the left, left hand ladies move to the right.
Move left in front – Move right behind.
Meanwhile the men side step a diamond to their right. The corners of the diamond are the centres of the set between the original places of the ladies and the original men’s places.
Take 4 bars for each side of the squares and diamonds
A2 Continue second half of Squares & Diamonds
B1 Arches * 

Advance & Retire
Pass Through

Trios join hands and man and right hand lady form an arch. The left lady without letting go of the hand hold passes through the arch, followed by the man by turning under. Form an arch with the left lady and right lady goes through.
Trios advance in a line and retire.
Drop hands, move slightly to the right to pass through to the next set.
96 bar Reel AABB three times *This form of arches is known as the Monkey’s puzzle, it is not as hard to do as the description may sound.
This is an Irish dance and they would use Long 7’s and short 3’s for the side stepping. See Glossary for description.

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