Frog Puddles

A couples dance in a circle formation, ballroom hold with leading hand pointing along the line of dance.

A version of this dance which we got with Shayne Kerr from Snowy Baker in the Hunter Valley was printed in Stringybark & Greenhide (Vol.1 No. 4) in1979. This is a slightly different, more sedate version of the dance.

Music : Own tune “Frog Puddles” or similar.

4 bars : Man leads on left foot, lady on right; 2 slip steps along line of dance and on the second step instead of  drawing

the other foot up to the leading foot, hop on leading foot with a half turn (clockwise). Continue in similar fashion

along the line of dance, man leads on right foot lady on left.

4 bars : Facing back along the line of dance, repeat above.

8 bars : Repeat all of the above.

8 bars : Man leads on left foot, lady on right; step-hop once and repeat on other foot (quarter turn – 2 bars) and repeat

sequence 3 more times facing back along line of dance at the end.

8 bars : 2 polka turns (not too vigorous) and face along line of dance to begin again.

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