Jubilee Jig

Author: David Johnson 1979 for the BMC’s Silver Jubilee
Large Single Circle, man’s partner on right, all holding hands
32 bar double jig – Original tune composed by Chris Moore.
Description: From BMC “Bush Dance Instructions” by Lance Green

4    Circle left — (8 slip steps to the left)
4    Circle right — (8 slip steps)
2    Men to centre — (starting with the right foot, take 4 steps in joining hands on the way in)
2    Men out, ladies in — (ladies, starting with right foot take 4 steps in under raised arm of men then ladies join hands)
2    Ladies out, men in — (men in under ladies raised arms, clapping on the 4th step in)
2    Men out
8    Grand chain — (for 7 persons, partner is no. 1)
8    Swing — (your new partner using a crossed-hand hold. Finish with lady on man’s right ready to start again)

Alternative: Caller can vary number of persons in the grand chain and use the swing to take up time until the end of the tune. (The maximum number of people in the grand chain is 15 with no swing.)


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