Merry Widow Waltz

Source: Daryl Powell (from Liverpool Plains, NSW area), probably dates from the very early 1900s.
Formation: Couples in upper promenade hold, both start on left foot.
Music: 32 bar waltz e.g. Merry Widow Waltz (midi), Barcarolle, Plaisir D’Amour

2    Two slow steps forward
2    Two forward diagonal steps (chassé) to the left (with right foot stepping behind the left)
4    Point right foot: in front; then to the right; then close feet togther and; then bend knees in a dip. (One count per move)
2    Step back on left foot (slow) slightly raising and pointing front foot, then back on right foot (slow),
2    then then 3 quick steps back (L,R,L)
2    Rock forward on to right foot, rock back on to left foot
2    Rock forward on right, then bring feet together while swivelling right and ending facing out of circle towards the wall. (Maintain upper promenade hold, gent behind lady.)
2    Two chassé steps to the left
2    Two chassé steps to the right
3    Ladies step away from partner, and walk a tight circle by the R Sh for 3 steps and finish facing partner. Gents do a similar circle, starting LF and pulling L Sh back
1    bow or curtsey to partner
8    Take ballroom hold, and waltz four turns, and end by opening out to upper promenade hold, facing LOD, ready to repeat sequence.


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