Swing Waltz

Formation: Couples
Inside hand hold, both facing anticlockwise
32 bar waltz at 52-54 bars/min (145 beats per minute)
Original choreography: Jack Kennedy, Rockdale, Sydney, 1939
Description: Lawrie Brown

2    Forward — (3 steps forward and raise inside foot. Start outside foot)
2    Backwards — (3 steps back and finish facing partner)
2    Waltz solo — (both do one waltz turn and finish holding partners hands)
2    Chassez — (2 chassez steps to man’s left)
2    Other way — (2 chassez steps to mans right, finish side by side with inside hands joined and facing anticlockwise)
1    Away — (1 waltz step apart, keeping hands joined)
1    Change sides — (lady turns under man’s arm and finish facing clockwise)
2    Away and change — (finish facing anticlockwise)
2    Away and face — (1 waltz step apart then turn and take partners two hands)
2    Step kick — (step then kick to man’s left then step and kick to mans right)
2    Sway — (turn to be back to back. Then sway backwards. Sway forwards. Then turn to face partner again and take two hands)
2    Step kick — (step then kick to man’s left then step and kick to man’s right)
2    Lady turn under — (lady turns under man’s left arm while he takes 3 steps forward. Finish with man right foot raised and lady left foot raised)
2    Lady turn back – (lady turns under mans left arm and man takes 3 steps backwards and crosses to opposite side of his partner)
4    Reverse waltz

Notes: New Vogue, fast waltz.

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