Willow Tree


Willow Tree

Longways set of 8 couples.
Can be done with 6 couples. Couples may need to spin to take up time.
A1 Top Couple Slip StepBottom Lady Top couple join hands and slip step to the bottom of the set.
Lady joins the end of the ladies line.
Man returns to the top of set with the original bottom lady with slip steps.
They both join the lines at the top of the set
A2 Bottom ManTop Couple Again Bottom Man slip steps to the top of set with the original top lady.
Ladies swap again and the original top couple slip step to the bottom of the set, they join the lines at the bottom. This leaves the original top couple at the bottom and the original bottom couple at the top.



Form Arch

Both couples strip-the-willow from the ends towards the middle.
Right arms to partner left to line of the opposite sex.
After 3 couples they join the line in the middle. The order will now be 2-3-4-8-1-5-6-7.
The original top and bottom couples join nearest hands to form a 4 way arch or crown. From above this is an X.
C1C2 Cast Off The new top and bottom couples cast off down the outside of the set to the middle, they go under the outside of the arch into the middle of the set, join their partner and exit through the middle to return to place. 
D1 All Spin All couples spin with their partners in the new position.
56 bar Reels AABBCCD or AABBAAB etc One popular tune used for this is Sally Gardens. This is a plantation of willows that are cut down every year to encourage suckers called withies. The village I lived in as a child did this to make a basket called a butt used for catching salmon.

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